Skin Needling

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Our Medical Grade Needling treatment utilises the Exceed Device.

The Exceed is FDA and TGA approved as a medical device.

We follow very strict infection control practices during your treatment and along with advanced techniques, can provide you with one of the very best treatments on the market today that can address multiple skin concerns.



Face, lips, eyes, neck, décolletage, and scalp 




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A consultation to determine suitability and pre and post-care requirements are discussed prior to treatments commencing.

The number of treatments required will depend on what it is we are treating, but a course of 6 is generally recommended.

Time frames will vary between treatments and this will be discussed with you at your consultation.

Home care is required 2-4 weeks prior to your first treatment session and some aftercare is required, however, downtime is minimal.

It is highly recommended to have LED treatments, especially a course leading up to each Micro-Needling. LED increases the ATP in the mitochondria and increases fibroblasts by 155% resulting in a more efficacious treatment. The primary function of fibroblasts is the maintenance of structural integrity within the connective tissue. Fibroblasts secrete the extracellular matrix precursors required for the formation of connective tissue and various fibers.

Skin Needling is an advanced skin-perfecting treatment that delivers the highest caliber collagen induction therapy to improve skin texture, smooth wrinkles, and fine lines while softening scars.


  • Anti-aging

  • Exfoliation

  • Increased topical product absorption

  • Regulated pigmentation

  • Reduced appearance of rosacea

  • Reduction in visible vessels

  • Reduced size of the appearance of pores

  • Reduced size of the appearance of scar tissue

  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks

  • Nonsurgical treatment option

  • Fast, safe, and comfortable treatment

  • Minimal downtime, speedy recovery

  • Chemical-free treatment for all skin types



At Da Vinci Skin Clinic we take client results and care seriously, therefore we do not perform advanced treatments such as Needling, without our clients prepping their skin for 2 - 4 weeks prior to treatment with home care prescribed by your therapist. In order to obtain the results you want to achieve, the appropriate home care is essential.

We are unable to advise you on other brands of home care that we do not offer.   We are trained in the brands we stock allowing us to advise you on which products you require pre and post-treatment, the outcomes you can expect, and what to do if there are any adverse reactions. We cannot control this when clients use their own range.

We only wish to see the very best results for clients, therefore we reserve the right not to treat if we believe the outcomes will be less than desirable or if the client is choosing not to follow at least the basic recommended pre and post-care guidelines. 

Our device of choice is the amieamed EXCEED. It is both a TGA and FDA approved Medical Device.

Key Differences:

  • German technology & engineering

  • Low vibration & quiet running

  • Needle precision

  • Exclusive & Patented Micro Cartridges

  • Adjustable speed

  • Corded to ensure consistent speed

  • Operated at a frequency of up to 900 micro channels per second

  • Medical clearance/approvals