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Sauna T & C

Casual Sessions

Casual visits can only be booked for one individual person online, if you wish to attend with a friend the booking will need to be made via contacting the clinic, and a booking for each person will be made for the same time.

Our general cancellation policy applies

Sauna for one

Only one person per session can attend and use the sauna.

Please see cancellation policy below relating to sauna pre paids.

Sauna for two

Pre paids for 2 are purchased by one client and booked by that client. The second person of their choosing attends each appointment with them.  Appointments cannot be separated, i.e if only one attends the session, that will use one sauna session. 

Bookings and Cancellation Policy

All PRE PAID bookings are to be made online or in clinic in advance. To cancel or change an appointment please advise us no later than 24 hrs prior to your appointment. Late changes/cancellations or no shows result in forfeiture of your pre paid session.


All recommendations for the sauna are a guide only.  Temperatures and times will vary depending on current health conditions. This document does not serve as instruction on how to best use your sauna. You are responsible for your own health. Always consult a medical professional before using an iHealth Sauna.