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Updated: Mar 19

If your choosing your potential new lip color on the back of your hand, you need to stop, NOW! Before you say "why the hell not? That's how I always do it". Let's take a look at the difference between your hands and your lips.

The back of our hands have a more nude/neutral undertone, whereas your lips have a blue/red undertone. Being that they are completely different tones, is it any wonder why when you purchase a lippy chosen this way, then see it on our lips, you think O.M.G ?

Don't worry, I have five tips to help you choose your new lip color, just in time for the launch of our Shanghai Suzy Lip colors!


To test your lippy color, take the tester and swipe it once, maybe twice, across a finger tip.

I will explain in tip 2 why you only swipe once or twice :-)

The finger tip is more in line with your lip color and also it's texture.

If it looks good here your pretty right, although, you also need to bare in mind your skin tone and how white you want your teeth to look.

If your thinking well this is complicated, 4 things to consider.

I mean really?

Don't worry, they are super easy!


After looking to see the lippy on your fingertip looks great, ensure you only put on 1 or 2 stripes to achieve the color your wanting. Step 2 is making sure you don't apply more than one or two layers to test the color.

If you need to apply more, you are not getting the color payout your after, and more importantly, you are layering too much on, and the old saying "what's on the mouth goes south", is bound to happen!

Not getting enough color payout? Try a different effect, for example a satin will be sheer, compared to a Matte.


Nude or color?

Ok, there are a few steps in this.

To see if you suit a nude lipstick, pull your hair back off your face, apply foundation over your lips as well as your face. Yes, go that extra step girlfriend! Whip a bit over the lips as well.

Now, the decider.......

Do your eyes come alive or do you look ill?

Personally, with most, I look ill :-(

If you look ill you might get away with a nude lip with a really dramatic eye look, if your eyes seem to come alive, you can wear a nude lip with any eye makeup.

If you want a nude lip but look ill in the test, choose a nude tone between your natural lip color and skin tone.


Cool or Warm Color?

To keep this as simple as possible, which jewellery do you look best in, silver or gold?

If it's gold, your most likely a warm tone.

If it's silver, a cool tone.

Look good in both? Your probably neutral which means you can wear both. BUT, something to keep in mind is how a lip color can change the color of our teeth.

Bring on step 5.


Have you ever put a lipstick on and thought, Oh my freaking god, my teeth need bleaching?

Cool lipsticks (cool reds, pink and wine colors) will make the teeth look whiter,

Browns, orange and orange/red shades on the other hand, will make your teeth look a little or a lot, yellow.

Not sure which to choose?

Head for wine shades, like mahogany or plum as these colors look great on any skin tone and you can get them in a sheer color if you don't like a dark lip, or opaque for a more dramatic look.

And now that just leaves some of us with needing lips in great condition for our lippy to adhere to well.........check out our post on lip care to make your lips and lip color truly amazing!

Post coming soon.

Big thanks Rae Morris for these amazing tips that changed my lippy game entirely!

Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks available from today at Da Vinci Skin Clinic.


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