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Level 1, 2 and 3 Peels Explained

Treating the skin is not the same from one person to the next, as each person has different skin concerns and each person may also have multiple skin conditions at once.

Therefore we treat the skin depending on how it presents at the time of treatment.

Why don't we just have a ordinary treatment menu I hear you ask.

That's because there is nothing "ordinary" about our skin treatments.

We assess skin types and conditions on an as-needed basis and therefore cannot list all our treatments, as they may be suitable for some and not for others.

Knowing how your skin has been prepped, what your goals and expectations are, which skin type and conditions you have, all help to determine which treatment is right for you.

While all skin treatments can be booked online, this is purely for those who have seen us before and already know from their treatment plan which treatment they can book next.

Lets look at this a little further....


What is a level 1 peel?

Level 1 peels are a peel combined with professional products creating a personalised treatment experience. 

Level 1 peels that require skin prep with our core 4 Lira Clinical products.  First-time clients can receive certain Facial Treatments (see our menu) without skin prep prior. Level 1 and above treatments provide skin correction with results!


Dual modality peels target skin concerns using 2 different peeling modalities.

Prepares and/or enhances the principal peeling solution

It enables long-lasting, more effective treatment results.

Clients must be using the core 4 Lira Clinical Core products a minimum of 2 weeks prior to a Level 2 Dual Peel. Your therapist will determine which products at a Skin Analysis appointment which should be booked before any skin treatments beyond a facial treatment


Quad, Layered, Jessner and Cocktail Peels

QUAD PEEL uses multiple solutions on specific areas of the face to target various skin conditions.

Skin depths are also taken into account


Forehead: Thicker and more resistant

Nose: Oily and larger pore size

Cheeks: Sensitive and pigment prone

Chin: Thinner and exposed to increased chemical substances

Therefore we divide the face into sections based on skin conditions, determine the level of correction and treat each section accordingly


Targeting depths of chronic skin conditions primarily in resistive skin areas.

Skin is primed, corrected and sealed all in one treatment

Increases skin desquamation and correction with multiple peels.

Multiple layer solutions are used to desired skin depth and sealed with mineral Retinol for additional correction.


Utilizing smart peel science and technology advancements to combine multiple peel modalities for advanced clinical results. 3 smart peels are mixed together to create a customised peeling experience. This is an advanced clinical treatment

Not suitable as a first-time peel and mandatory conditioning of the skin is required pre-peel. Clients must have undergone other Lira Clinical Smart Peel treatments prior.