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What does Skin Needling do?

A consultation to determine suitability and pre and post care is conducted prior to treatments commencing

The amount of treatments required will depend on what it is we are treating, but a course of 6 is recommended.

Time frames will vary between treatments and this will be discussed with you at your consultation.

Home care is required 4 weeks prior to your first needling session and some after care is required, however downtime is minimal.

It is highly recommended to have LED treatments, especially a course leading up to each Micro Needling. LED increases the ATP in the mitochondria and increases fibroblasts by 155% resulting in a more efficacious treatment. The primary function of fibroblasts is the maintenance of structural integrity within the connective tissue. Fibroblasts secrete the extracellular matrix precursors required for the formation of connective tissue and various fibres.

Skin Needling is an advanced skin perfecting treatment that delivers the highest caliber collagen induction therapy to improve skin texture, smooth wrinkles and fine lines while softening scars. 


  • Anti-ageing

  • Exfoliation

  • Increased topical product absorption

  • Regulated pigmentation

  • Reduced appearance of rosacea

  • Reduced size of the appearance of pores

  • Reduced size of the appearance of scar tissue

  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks

  • Increased growth of stronger and thicker hair

  • Fast, safe and comfortable treatment

  • Minimal downtime, speedy recovery

  • Chemical free treatment for all skin types

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