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Relaxing Massage



Relax and Unwind

Swedish Massage
Back Massage
Massage Therapy

Swedish Relaxation Massage

60 minutes $85

A relaxing full body massage designed to relax the entire body. Hot towels used on feet, hands, decolletage and back during your treatment along with relaxing music and dimmed lighting. Aromatic oils drift through the room to deeply relax you.Your massage is followed with deep breathing and essential oils to complete the experience

Mens Executive Massage

60 minutes $85

Designed for today's busy male in need of an energy boost after a hard day's work.  Relax with a powerful full body massage to unwind and revitalise. Hot towels used on feet, hands, back and chest.

Back or Leg Massage

30 minutes $55

Choose between back neck and shoulder massage or a leg massage (both front and back of legs)