Light Therapy

LED treatment is a great way to address:

Fine lines and wrinkles,  Sun damaged skin, Skin texture, Rosacea/Redness/Inflammation, Acne and excessive oil flow, Skin laxity


For maximum results, and for long term maintenance, it's important to combine your LED treatment with home care that supports your skin, and keeps your skin looking good and feeling great.


Treatment Frequency

For optimal results, on stand alone treatments we recommend a treatment series of 6 to 10, performed twice a week, no more than 4 days apart is recommended for optimal results.

Monthly maintenance is recommended to maintain desired results


To ensure you achieve the best results possible

An appropriate home care routine should be incorporated alongside your treatment plan. We liken treatments and skin care to going to the dentist for a clean, and then not brushing your teeth at home; 80% of the results you obtain are achieved by what you do daily and consistently! Your therapist will provide you with an appropriate home care prescription as part of your treatment plan.

All our corrective skin treatments include LED, excluding the 30 min treatment.