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General Clinic Policies


Please note NO refunds will be given for any treatments, services, products or packages due to a change of mind.

Refunds or replacements are given as per consumer law for any products we sell.

In the scenario, a package or treatment was sold and the client met the suitability criteria and no contraindications were present at the time of sale but are not suitable down the track, this counts as a change of mind, as we are unable to foresee changes in your situation at the time of sale and no refunds will be given.

We may, however, provide a credit for a more suitable treatment in the case of prepaids, in cases where it was not due to a change in mind, such as adverse reactions, or becoming pregnant making you now unsuitable for treatment.

In the case of prepaids, any treatments already used will be calculated at their full price, not the packaged discount price, and the remainder given in store credit for other services. These are not transferrable to other clients.

We will assist you to find another service more suitable for you.


Sadly we are not able to accommodate babies, toddlers or young children for Insurance and OHS reasons. We write this with the utmost respect to the parents who choose our Clinic. Children/babies who visit the Clinic during their parents’ appointments pose an occupational health and safety issue to our staff & clients. We work in an environment that has sharps, razors, chemicals, lasers & hot wax. We encourage parents to visit the clinic without their children, please understand that our concern is the safety of your child and the well-being of our clients and staff. Small babies and children on loud devices, wandering hands and feet, crying or making noise can distract staff from their craft which potentially could result in the therapist causing an injury to herself or client, or result in a less than perfect treatment, additionally other guests enjoying some much needed time out don't end up receiving the relaxing environment they expected. Let's face it, kids will be kids and we don't want to dull their shine,  we want them to enjoy being kids while they can, unfortunately the clinic isn't a suitable place for them to do that.We write this without the intent of offending or upsetting our lovely parent clientele and hope that you will aid us in keeping our clinic a safe and relaxing environment.


We kindly ask that you turn your mobile phone off whilst entering the salon to avoid disruption to your treatment and other clients that may be indulging in treatments.  If you must be reachable, ensure your phone is set to silent and no alarms are set.



Please note we DO NOT accept Amex or Diners Club

On larger pre payment packages for skin treatments we also offer Humm Payment plans