Ginger & Me Peels

Ginger & Me Peels are added to our Mindfulness Signature Ritual to enhance your treatment results. Along with the addition of the peel is an additional mask chosen to suit your skins indivdual needs.

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Mindfulness Signature Ritual + Clinical Upgrade

YOUTH ACTIVATED PEEL - All skins, pigmented, textured, acneic, dehydrated and fine lines.


DESCRIPTION This ultimate multi-tasking, triple action exfoliation peel, offers a superior rate of gentle exfoliation. With a total of 20% strength, this unique combination of Gluconic Acid, MultiFruit Acid, and Lactic Acid makes this peel the perfect exfoliating peel to support and enhance GINGER&ME Mindfulness treatment results.

RADIANCE ENZYME CLINICAL PEEL - All skins, dull, devitalised, dry, dehydrated, clogged, and congested.


DESCRIPTION Gently exfoliates, soothes, and brings radiance to dull and textured skins. A modern approach to professional peeling using the combination of two potent exfoliating enzymes that will take your skin treatments to the next level without compromising its innovative, nurturing, and mindfulness concept.