Booking Policy


All appointments require a retainer to secure your appointment time. A minimum of 48 hrs notice is required to cancel or change an appointment to avoid a fee as per the fee schedule.  

If you need to change/cancel your appointment outside of business hours these can be made via the confirmation email that was sent to you or by logging into your online account. Changes can only be made with at least 48 hours' notice. Calls left when we are closed do not count toward the required notice, so we recommend logging into your account and requesting the change online. 


In the event you change part of a multiple service booking, such as in the following circumstances, a late cancellation fee will apply to missed service/services as per the fee schedule:

 - choose not to have part or all of the service/services within 48 hrs or on arrival to your appointment

- arrive late to an appointment and the full service or services cannot be completed


Eg. If you had a booking for a 30 minute Micro and a brow shape and arrive late/cancel the micro and are only having the brow shape, this will result in a $30 fee for the canceled micro along with the cost of the brow shape.  A certain amount of time is allocated to your appointment, time that we can't get back in these events, time that someone else may have been able to have, therefore a fee for the lost time is applicable.

Please note cosmetic brow tattoo and makeup bookings have a separate policy, please see further down on the page.


Bookings under 60 minutes: $30 

Bookings 60 mins and over $45

Bookings 75 mins and over $60

Bookings 90 mins and over full price

Pre Paid/Concession Service Cancellation Fees

We require 48 hrs notice to cancel or reschedule a pre-paid/concession appointment.  If over 24 hrs notice but less than 48 hrs notice is provided, the regular fee schedule applies, however, if less than 24 hrs notice is provided, the treatment is forfeited.


A $150 retainer is required to secure your appointment and a minimum of 72 hours notice is required for any changes or cancellations. Bookings can be made online.

A further retainer of $100 is required for the follow-up session appointment, which will be refunded to you at your appointment, or in the event of a cancellation/reschedule, where at least 72 hours notice was provided.

Please note only one change/reschedule is allowed in total, regardless of the notice.


Makeup bookings during clinic hours have the same cancellation policy as our general booking policy and are per person, however, the deposit for these bookings is 50%.

Bookings outside of clinic hours and/or offsite or Bridal, have their own policy which will be provided to you with your quote.

Offsite bookings min 4 ppl and max 7 ppl

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