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By booking with Da Vinci Skin Clinic you are accepting our Terms and Conditions when you request the services our clinic offers.


We reserve your booking time especially for you and turn others away wanting that time in order to honour our booking with you.   No-shows and last-minute cancellations enormously disadvantage our business. Importantly, it also means that other clients cannot book those time slots with us. 

For this reason, we require a booking deposit of $30 or credit card details to secure your booking. 

(please note bookings of 1.5 hr or more require a 50% deposit and will be charged accordingly as per below at 50%)

If you provide credit card details in person or over the phone to retain your booking instead of an upfront deposit, you are authorising us to store and charge the $30 cancellation fee, in the event of a late cancellation/change/no show to an appointment.

If the card declines, any money owing is required to be paid along with an upfront deposit before any further bookings can be made and all future appointments will require an upfront deposit. In the case of a pre-paid and a declined card, the pre-paid service will be forfeited.

(Please see our privacy policy relating to the storage of credit card details).

Any upfront deposit may be redeemed off the cost of your treatment or rolled over to your next booking.

Our cancellation policy applies to all bookings.


All Gift voucher and pre-paid bookings require a deposit of $30 or card details as per our booking policy,  to secure the booking. As our vouchers are for treatments that we have provided a discount on, we are unable to take the $30 from these. In the case of Pre-Paid Treatments (packages sold at a discount), a late cancellation will incur a $30 fee, a NO SHOW will forfeit the treatment. If no deposit or card details are used to secure a pre-paid booking, the pre-paid will be forfeited in both a late cancellation and no show circumstance.


Upon acceptance of your booking, Da Vinci Skin Clinic shall reserve the date and time agreed upon, and not accept any other clients for said date and time.

For this reason in the event of a late cancellation, to help offset some of its loss of business, the cancellation fee will be charged as per our required notice and cancellation payment schedule outlined below


Any and all changes to your booking must be made before 10 am the day prior to your appointment by calling 5152 2052. For your notice to count, you must leave a message for us if we are unable to answer the phone when you call.


  • Bookings without the required notice - $30 fee or 50% of booking if 1.5 hrs or more)

  •  No Shows - $30 fee or 50% if 1.5 hr or more booking

  • Pre paid services without the required notice $30 fee

  • Pre paid services No Shows - Forfeiture of prepaid treatment

We don't like charging fees,  however, they are necessary to slightly offset some of the lost income we planned our day and other clients around, in order to honour your requested booking time. We greatly appreciate your understanding.


Our automated reminder service will send you a text message confirming your appointment 48 hours prior to your booking, in which we ask you to respond with a YES or to CALL US if you are unable to make it.

Please do not reply with anything other than YES to our automated service, we will not see this. Your YES reply confirms the booking in our system only. Messages to this service will not count as notice.


To obtain your preferred appointment day and time, we ask that you book in advance, appointments can be made via our online booking system or by calling the clinic.  We will always endeavor to accommodate last minute bookings as best as we can, depending on clinic availability. 

We do have a cancellation list, so please contact us and we can add you to the list if you cannot find your preferred time.

Pre booking using your credit card means no fee is required when booking. Cancellation policy applies.


Makeup bookings during regular clinic hours have the same booking policy​

Bookings outside of clinic hours and/or offsite have the following policy

Offisite Bridal Bookings min 4 ppl max 7 ppl

A $250 non refundable retainer fee is required upon booking. 

Upon acceptance of your booking, Da Vinci Skin Clinic shall reserve the date and time agreed upon, and not accept any other clients for said date and time.

For this reason in the event of a cancellation, the retainer fee shall be retained by Da Vinci Skin Clinic to help offset its loss of business.

If travel is required by the makeup artist, travel costs including any accommodation and other associated fees that must be conducted in advance by the artist, are required to be paid prior to the artist making such bookings. These are only refundable in the case of a late cancellation if the travel and accommodation services provide the makeup artist with a refund.

All remaining monies are due 7 business days prior to the booking. If payment is not received, we will see this as a cancellation.​

Any and all cancellations must be made a minimum of 7 business days prior to your booking to avoid forfeiture of your retainer

We reserve the right at any time to update our policy when required for the business needs and to meet legislation


If you are running late please phone the clinic to inform them you are on the way.
Your treatment will have to be shortened in time to accommodate the following client.
Full Payment of the scheduled treatment will still be charged. 
If you arrive late and leave us no time to perform the treatment, this is counted as a no show. Rather then charge the full service fee, we will only charge the $30 late cancel/no show fee or as otherwise listed in our Payment Schedule


When we retain a booking we allow a specified time for your booked service.

If you arrive and tell us that you no longer require a part of your service the full original booking may be charged or $30 late cancel fee for that service.

It may be possible to change the service to a different service if time allows and we can accommodate the change. Please remember we have planned a certain amount of time, set up for a certain service and in order to honor our time to you, may well have turned a higher-priced booking away in order to accommodate yours.

Please take this into consideration when wanting to change or remove a service, as we have certainly taken our commitment to your booking into account when turning other bookings away.

If you require additional service and time allows, we will do our best to accommodate you.