Bespoke Skin Treatments

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45 min Bespoke Skin Treatment with LED $130

60 min Bespoke Skin Treatment with LED $150

75 min Bespoke SkinTreatment with LED $170

Please note in order to have peels in any of the ranges on offer, the same range of home care must be used pre and post-treatment to ensure efficacy, control of results, and reduce any possible responses. 
Please choose the brand of choice when booking.

Our bespoke skin treatments are customised for your individual skin concerns taking into consideration your skin preparation prior to treatment and any requirements you may have regarding downtime post-treatment. 
At every treatment, we carefully select the most suitable peel, mask, and serums specifically for you.
We can customise treatments suitable for acne, congestion, pigmentation, anti-aging, rosacea, or sensitive and compromised skin.